Our Program

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The teachers at Alphabet Farms are highly trained and loving professionals. Each possess natural abilities, enthusiasm and a positive loving manner. Every teacher is required to continue their education by attending seminars, conferences and completing college courses in the field of Early Childhood Education.

At Alphabet Farms we know children learn by doing. Consequently, our curriculum is chocked full of hands-on (sometimes messy) learning activities. By using a monthly theme, our lesson plans build on basic curriculum areas. For example, April is �It�s Growing� month where we hatch duck eggs in our school incubator. Through this activity alone we cover math, science, literacy, writing and more while discovering the miracle of life.

Assessment Process
Another unique aspect of Alphabet Farms is our assessment process. These assessments address the full range of early learning and development, including:

The staff uses the assessments to track each child's progress toward school readiness.


"Your school has done so much for my son. He is more confident and happier than he's ever been. I wish you had been opened years ago."
-Ann Roulette, working mother of Joe (5 years old)